Online endorphin


8 of 10 people suffer from a headache
caused by worrying a lot.
Having a headache you don’t care
about the pill’s brand as far as it works.


A good irony and intelligent mocking are the best ways to let headache go. A witty toy website for Nurofen Painkilling Tablets reveals all your mundane problems and lets you make fun of them.

Just answer to the one simple question —
What is your headache about?

People thought of the web site as a fun time-killer when actually it was a user soical and geo data collection service.

Using unique mix of this data and open records of currency exchange rates, traffic and weather conditions, magnetic storm movement, solar flares and sport events we created 143 pin-point targeted headache prevention banners which were displayed right before your headache could start.


180K people received headache prevention support during the first month of the campaign.
On average 17 headaches per person were prevented.
More than 4 minutes spent on the website.
9% sales increase during the first week.