Headache Targeting by Nurofen


People don’t care about painkillers' ads unless they have a headache.Our goal was to build national scale coverage with a small budget. So we have to cut all the blank shots. Each message should have reached exactly the right person. In other words we have to show banners to people who are having a headache right at this moment.


The first advertising campaign that uses Headache Targeting and shows painkiller banners to people who has a headache at this very moment.


World Health Organisation states that 76% of all headaches are caused by stress. We can found stress indicators by analyzing Google search request: divorce attorney, marriage council, money loan, etc.

In order to turn this stress into a headache we need a trigger and most of the time this trigger is unexpected changes in weather. Every time there were strong winds, extremely hot or cold weather, air pressure changes and other unusual conditions we new they were affecting our risk groups.


A uniquely precise targeting based on automated data gathering and analysis.

Google AdWords keyword targeting helps to identify personal headache sources and show banners connected to user search requests. Each banner campaign additionally adjusted with AdWords social-demographic targeting (age, gender and location etc.)

To show banner in the exact moment when headache starts, the banner rotation is synchronized with the up-to-the-minute weather changes. For this purpose we created a script that analyses 7 weather related triggers: temperature changes, high humidity, high winds, stormy weather, extremely dry conditions, barometric pressure changes, magnetic storms in real time.

With the help of Google API the script manages ad campaigns in Google AdWords. For example, every time it recognizes the air pressure change, it activates ad campaigns that warn about the high possibility of having a headache out of pressure rise and shows them to people from the relevant risk group.